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Why Tick it Away
Dr. Joes Tick it Away has proven itself with every tick removal to be the best and safest way to remove an attached tick! Avoiding ticks with proper attire and staying away from tick-infested areas is step one in preventing Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses. However if a tick does attach itself despite these measures then Dr. Joes Tick it Away is the next step in preventing tick bourne illnesses.

Dr. Joes Tick it Away is the only ergonomically shaped tick remover. This allows one to engage an attached tick in the groove and detach it in one simple, painless motion no matter where the tick is attached.

Dr. Joes Tick it Away uses a prying motion that actually forces the tick further down the groove as it is being removed. This assures the removal of even the tiniest tick.

Dr. Joes Tick it Away card can be stored in your backpack before hiking or camping, in your fishing or hunting gear. Ready to use when you need it, they dont go bad.

Dr. Joes Tick it Away is disposable, thus there is no need to clean or worry about sterilizing the tick remover after its use. They are made disposable to avoid the risk of contamination with infected material from a previous tick removal.

Dr. Joes Tick it Away can be used on people and pets. It works great on children and adults; the youngest patient we have used it on was a seven day old baby. It works great on all types of dogs and horses.

Dr. Joes Tick it Away uses no toxins or poisons. It removes ticks in a natural, quick and safe way.
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