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Dr. Joe talks about tick dangers and proper removal in these videos: CBS news  | Fox News
Welcome to Tick it Away
Dr.Joe’s Tick it Away is a tick removal device like no other. It is a patented method for the removal of an attached tick. The device is ergonomically shaped and precision made to remove from the tiniest nymph to the most engorged tick, alive and intact in a painless, quick, simple motion. This device uses a prying motion to detach an attached tick away from the skin (similar to the action of a crow bar on a nail).
Dr Joseph C. Licata has been a pediatrician in New York for over 30 years; he invented, patented, produced and is now marketing this unique device. As a physician and a pet owner the incentive for his invention came from the difficulty he always encountered when removing ticks from his patients and his pets. Being aware of the dangers of squeezing or irritating a tick in the attempt to detach it, Dr. Joe realized that the only safe way to remove an attached tick was to pry it away from the skin. His device does just that.
Please check out the rest of our web site and learn more about ticks and how to remove them properly. Tick, Tick, Tick it Away.
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